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How would you like to be 100% caught up on your production, 24/7? Is it possible to completely edit a wedding and design the album in 6-8 hours, total… making your clients insanely happy and excited? You bet!

This 75+ page workflow guide chronicles the specific philosophies and step-by-step practices that Khara Plicanic developed and tested for her 2010 wedding season. The result? Each of her 20+ wedding clients received not only their proofs, but also their album designs within one week of their wedding date. Talk about happy and excited clients!

No crazy hours, no burning the midnight oil, just the potent combination of efficiency and effectiveness, with nothing but the client’s best interest at heart.

Everyone wins, now you can too!

The word on the street

“I’m 46 pages in and you’ve already changed my life.  <3” —Michelle Martin

“I thought my workflow was ok—but after reading the guide’s tips on how to cut images down, how to design and set up a winning wedding package, my workflow has been blown completely out of the water! No wonder I hated the whole process before!” —Carly Rodgers

“Being new to the business, I was overwhelmed at what seemed like never ending post production.  I’ve read about photographers finishing in 8 hours… but no one was telling me *how* to do it…  Until now! Khara’s guide laid out everything… from leaving the wedding, to ordering the album. She even talks about the steps she takes before the wedding to make sure everything afterwards is seamless.  My New Year’s resolution is to have proofs and album design back to the client in one week!” – Lauren Mingus

I just put the finishing touches on the edit from this past Saturday’s wedding thanks to Rock My Workflow this season!” —Sandra Regier

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